Jessica Diller Kovler, MA, AM, PhD(c)

Jessica Kovler smallProfessor
History of Psychology
City University of New York




Jessica Diller Kovler is a Professor in the History of Psychology at the City University of New York, where she examines historical chronicity of disease and psychological sequelae. She is part of The Derner Institute, where her research foci are psychosocial impact of pituitary disease, hormone dysregulation, historical illness chronicity, and trauma.

Prof. Kovler is currently serving as the principle investigator on a study assessing psychological distress among patients treated for Cushing's Disease, other hormone-secreting tumors, and non-functioning pituitary adenoma, with eventual longitudinal assessment of mental health functioning. Prof. Kovler is a former medical reporter for The New York Times, Health Monitor, Forbes, and Reader's Digest, has written for Highlights, and has worked collaboratively with the Pituitary Network Association for nearly 15 years.