Board of Directors

The PNA Board of Directors is made up of hardworking and willing volunteers from various backgrounds who have committed to contribute their time, labor, and intellectual resources towards the advancement of our mission. They are encouraged to donate, or solicit and procure donations, grants, and endowments to help PNA’s sustainability. We look for individuals who not only have a passion for service to our patient, member, and medical community, but also have experience with organizational or business management. Most of our current and past directors have been patients, family members, physicians, or business leaders, and come from North America simply because of time differences and travel distance. The PNA executive team handles the day-to-day issues and immediate concerns, while the Board of Directors convene by either video conference or conference call regularly to make  policy decisions regarding the current and future direction of the PNA, or any important and consequential issues that arise. The Board uses the wisdom of our past to govern the present and plan for a strong and successful future.