Patient's Bill of Rights

Pituitary diseases, tumors, cysts, and the resulting hormonal imbalances are considered rare, but they affect approximately 1 in 5 people throughout the world’s population. Unfortunately, these are not always textbook cases, as patients experiences can differ, and symptoms can be non-specific and mimic other diseases. Your average primary care doctor has probably never treated a patient with a pituitary disorder and will begin by treating the symptoms rather than looking for a cause. This begins the journey of the average pituitary patient, who typically has a delayed diagnosis of  7 and 10 years.   

The Pituitary Network Association is supported by an international network of the world’s finest pituitary physicians and surgeons. Our goal is to reach every patient, many of whom may be undiagnosed after years of suffering and feel forgotten and abandoned. We are working to achieve this objective in five ways: (1) By partnering with some of the top pituitary centers, universities, and skull base institute’s to provide educational seminars and public awareness campaigns for physicians, patients, families, and the community at large. (2) By assisting the medical community in developing uniform standards for early diagnosis, surgery, radiation, pharmacological treatment, and follow-up care. (3) By being here for the patients via phone, email, and social media, including our patient and family support groups on Facebook.(4) By having an interactive website with many valuable resources, including pituitary physician and hospital referral information, and (5) by hosting monthly webinars led by experts in the field of pituitary medicine that are presenting the latest information on pituitary disorders and treatments, and posting them in our webinar library on our website for public view. YOU have the right to be diagnosed and treated, and together we can work towards that goal for all pituitary patients.