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Helen Fall 2013 smWhen a family member is diagnosed with a pituitary disorder such as Acromegaly the family system will be affected. No one lives in isolation, the people in this persons life will need to make adjustments. In order for the family to remain intact and interconnected there are some steps each member can take to ensure that their relationship stays strong and positive.

One of the most important things a family member can do is to educate themselves about the disorder with which their loved on has been diagnosed. We all know some of the effect of paralysis, or cancer, but the pituitary creates a set of symptoms understood by very few. If a family member truly wants to help, they need to find a way to try to understand.

To better serve patients the PNA, along with guidance and generous support from PNA Member Helen MacGregor has developed a place for families too get information to help them understand the daily struggles that pituitary patients face. While these struggles are not evident on the outside, what these patients go through is real and can be very debilitating. 

The Pituitary Patient Resource Guide was written for patients, their families and their health care providers. This book is an invaluable resource in understanding and treating pituitary disorders.

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In addition to our Resource Guide  there are other books available from our online book store,

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PNA Webinar: Pituitary Disorders and The Family
Presented by Dr. Jamie Banker, PhD

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