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Addison's Disease and Hypopituitarism

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Replied by Saint Thomas on topic Addison's Disease and Hypopituitarism

:) Hi Brenda:
Sorry you are feeling so poorly.
I don't have addison (primary adrenal insufficiency) but I do have secondary adrenal insufficiency which means that my pituitary is messed up due to empty sella caused by meningitis as a child.
I had/have most of your symptoms but perhaps not as severe as you are.
My most recent drug is cortisol 15 mgs per day.
But I still can't walk any distance.
My advice to you is.
Be vigilant and do your homework on your disease.
You have to take ownership of your health.
Find a good endocrinologist and don't stop badgering him until you get what you want.
Be persistent.
There are no prizes for being shy just prolonged misery with no answers.

God bless you.
Empty Sella
6 years 2 weeks ago #10244

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Addison's Disease and Hypopituitarism was created by BRENDA_1

Does anyone else have this combination of illnesses? If so, I would love to hear from you, how you've been coping, how it has affected your life, etc.
I was diagnosed with Addison's in 2002 and a pituitary tumour in 2011. My health, while not excellent (I suffered some rare complications from Addison's), was much better prior to the pituitary tumour and subsequent hypopituitarism. I have been off work for some time. Currently, I have more bad days than good. I am on medication to replace all hormones except growth hormones. However, I will be staring growth hormones soon. I am hoping this will make a difference, as I'm pretty much out of options in terms of treatment, or so I understand. My symptoms include severe fatigue (the kind that doesn't improve with sleep), extreme weakness, sometimes shortness of breath even when walking a short distance, difficulty standing and, sometimes, even sitting up for any length of time, heat intolerance, sleepy during the day and at night, tire easily. This illness (or combination) has greatly affected my life. I have a hard time undertaking everyday tasks, such as making meals, etc. because I don't have the energy. I can plan outings of only 2-3 hours before I have to get home. I sometimes have to get a friend to drive me to appointments or for errands because I am too weak to drive or take transit. I recently had to leave my car at a restaurant and have a friend drive me home because I'd hit my "wall." Most of the time, I have to take breaks after all tasks, including cognitive ones. Sometimes I experience "brain fog," where I can't think clearly.
I'm sure many on this forum are living with debilitating symptoms and/or have had their quality of life affected. How do you cope? Are you still able to work? Any information anyone can share would be helpful. Thank you.
6 years 2 months ago #10224

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