PNA Recommended Articles October 2014

Pain and Pituitary Disease

An article on the website Health Care Professionals Live looks at a recent study on pain associated with pituitary disease. To read more, go to

Acromegaly After Traumatic Brain Injury

The Journal of Medical Case Reports recently published an article that found a high incidence of hyperpituitarism after traumatic brain injury. It looks at a case report of a man whose acromegaly resolved itself after TBI but concludes that "there is no evidence of the presence of pituitary adenomas as a risk factor in otherwise healthy patients." To read more, click here.

FDA Panel Tough on Testosterone

The FDA has been reviewing low-T therapies and has recommended that the label restrictions be tightened up. The PNA feels that hormone replacement should be used only when medically necessary and deplores the commercialization of low-T treatments as a fountain of youth. Read more