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"Thanks for your help...the night I spoke on the phone with your founder changed the direction of my after procedure care...he warned me that the use of cyberknife was not advisable. Without this info I might have undergone a cyberknife procedure that could have ended the functionality of my pituitary gland. Thanks to your Network we had the info and confidence to avoid a dangerous and unnecessary procedure....This all happened too when my wife and I were under tremendous stress from all that had happened to me in the previous weeks. Thanks again..I will always be grateful for his timely and critically vital advice." -KDK

"PNA was a lifeline for us when our daughter, while in college, was diagnosed with Acromegaly. We were able to learn about this disease and find the doctors and medical centers who dealt knowledgeably with pituitary tumors and the diseases they cause." -SS

"I would like to thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to listen to Dr. Samson webinar about Cabergoline treatment of Pituitary Adenoma. I was very interested about the dosage, the comparison with hallucinogens materials and her experience. I was diagnosed with a Pituitary Macroadenoma on 2006 and I had great support by your organization. I suffered terrible headaches, nightmares, pani attacks, terrible burst of anxiety and I think hallucinations during the first period of the cure with Cabergoline." -D in Holland

"Just like to pass on my thanks for the opportunity to take part in this webinar and a special thanks to Dr. Susan Samson for her valued time, information and expertise. It was a first for me and I was very please with the ease of being involved. Given I am 17 hrs ahead (Brisbane, Australia) it was well worth getting out of bed btw 0100hrs and 0200hrs to take part." -J in Australia 

"The PNA's Patient/Doctors' Resource Guide was instrumental in receiving my Growth Hormone Deficiency diagnosis so that I could finally get the much-needed GH medication, and in fact, this Resource Guide has become my most valued tool which basically helped to save my life. Forever grateful to the PNA and its friends, and wanting to pay it forward (always)!" -AM

" Bob Knutzen who co-founded the Pituitary Network Association, helped save my life. When I was diagnosed with Acromegaly I had no idea what to do about the condition. My GP told me they usually don't find these pituitary adenomas until autopsy! In searching the web I found the PNA which guided me with information and empathy. I cannot praise Bob and his organization enough for all their support." -PC

I have used PNA for guidance and information since diagnosis in 1999. I do not know what I would have done without this valuable resource! -LN

I do not know what we would have done without the help and guidance of the PNA. They helped us find doctors and hospitals and also got help from the forums as well, I still continue to suppor the organization to help others who are going through the terrifying experience. Thank you! -CL

My wholehearted thanks to Robert K for all his work to help those of us that have nowhere else to turn to, searching for some direction and understanding of our personal challenges with a pituitary tumor. -JO

Thank you, Robert! PNA helped me to understand the cause of so many odd symptoms that just didn't add up until I read about them on the PNA siteand realized this tumor was for real. -P

Hopefully one day this disease can be easily diagnosed and no one else has to endure years of suffering and physical damage. Thank you and God bless all the PIT survivors. -KJ

The PNA is an organization that connects patients with reliable and accurate information living with pituitary conditions. I am a patient that has found not only information, but a worldwide community eager to help and share experiences and the latest news in this subject. -AM

When I was diagnosed with Cushing's Disease in 1994 the only information available on the internet was through the PNA website and Johns Hopkins. The PNA information was my lifeline. The chatroom helped me through the dark, lonely nights after surgery. Robert K. has brought hope to many people through the years. Please help him to continue spreading the word on pituitary disorders and saving lives. -YS

The PNA "lifeline" has been an invaluable education tool and support, to thousands of patients with rarely diagnosed pituitary disorders. -PO

I know from my own personal experience, without Robert Knutzen and the PNA, I would not be alive today. Words cannot express my deep appreciation and gratitude for his constant commitment to me and my family throughout the last 12 years. Robert did not just form a website filled with information, he kept his personal touch by responding back personally tome on how to use the information provided by the PNA that enabled me to get to the experts of the world to handle my complicated diagnosis of acromegaly that baffled doctors for years. -DD


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