× Addison's disease occurs when the adrenal glands do not produce enough of the hormone cortisol and in some cases, the hormone aldosterone.

That feeling of needing support

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Replied by Kim91b on topic That feeling of needing support

I feel for you! One of the terrible things about feeling like you will never conceive, is the fact that, unfortunately, the more you stress, the worse the situation becomes. As a nurse for 15 years, I thought I could handle anything, and then the terrible headaches, nipple discharge, height growth, and vision changes started. After finding the pituitary tumor in the MRI, I thought my world was going to end. Every headache meant the tumor was growing, every leg pain meant my HGH was shy-rocketing. I was a wreck. I called my doctor's office nearly every day, swearing that I was going crazy. He not only suggested this site, but suggested I seek counseling; allowing me to talk out my concerns and frustrations without feeling like I was either being judged, or worse, feeling like I had to be strong for everyone else.
<br>If you can lower your emotional stress about the situation, it is amazing how much better you will begin to feel. Slowly, I began to feel as though my life was gaining some strength, like my foundation was no longer crumbling. Wouldn't you know, the headaches began to subside, and the muscle pain seemed a little easier to deal with. I am not saying we can "wish" our conditions better, but if you can gain a better understanding of your situation and find somebody to talk through things with, it is amazing how much better one can begin to feel. Who knows, maybe decreasing some stress, even if not by much, you will increase your chances at conception?!
<br>Very best of luck to you. Happy thoughts your way!!!
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Replied by Crystaldawn on topic That feeling of needing support

Dont give up! I was diagnosed with a macro adenoma (prolactinoma) when I was 17 years old (now 33). I tried medication but did not tolerate it well and ended up having surgery to remove the tumor in 1997. The surgery was a success however there was a small reoccurance and I had to try and tolerate dthe medication again. After years of educating myself, finding an amazing endocrinologist and having a wonderfuly network of family and friends for support and I am medication free! My prolactin is still elevated to some degree but it is manageable. I should also mention I am the mommy of two wonderfully helathy little boys ages 2 and ages 7 months both conceived naturally :)
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That feeling of needing support was created by missnevada2003@charter.net

I can relate to your feelings and frustrations. Like you I suffered from all of those symptoms and felt frustrated, angry, and sad that the situation was not getting better. After finding this site, I purchased their handbook and read it cover to cover. I read everything on this site and then started my hunt for a new doctor based on their list of doctors on this site. I finally chose a place to go and had top notch care from not 1 but 2 incredible doctors. This organization saved my life with the information they provide. Don't give up. Educate yourself , speak up to your doctors and don't be afraid to seek other opinions until you get the help you need. Take care.
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