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I need help getting diagnosis

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I need help getting diagnosis was created by masonC1

I am 19 years old. my symptoms started about 7 years ago already. I did the normal go to the doctor and they tell me its just growing pains. well here in the last year it has gotten out of control for me. My symptoms are the moon face, the weight gain I have gained nearly 50 pounds in 2-3 months, the stretch marks on thighs, and breasts and starting to form on stomach, the acne,the severe fatigue, the depression anxiety and irritability, the weakness. so basically it seems i have most of the symptoms of cushings. I went to the endocrinologist and she suggested I had this so I get the blood work done with it (the one you take the pill the night before) and it came back normal. I have read they can do MRI's, cat scans, and 24 hour urine samples. She seemed so quick to judge that I had nothing wrong with me and to just follow up with my family doctor didn't want to look into any thing else. I am in desperate need of help. I cannot deal with this any longer I need answers and am looking for some help from you guys. Thanks in advance


pictures with the side by side is me before in the black and white and me currently with my moon shaped face.
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