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Androstenedione test?

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Replied by pnaadmin on topic Androstenedione test?


I am not a medical professional so I cannot answer your questions about testing or what the results mean. I do recommend that you follow up with your doctor. If you still have questions I also recommend consulting with a pituitary specialist. 

The PNA site has a list of pituitary specialists:


There is also a list of pituitary centers on the webite:


I hope this information is helpful. If you would like additional information feel free to contact us at (805) 499-9973 or via email at tammy@pituitary.org.

Take care,

Tammy Mazzella
Pituitary Network Association
3 years 1 week ago #10560

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Androstenedione test? was created by Hormonal

Hi everyone! 
How long do androstenedione test results take, in your experience?

 I had a blood test almost 3 weeks ago and haven’t heard back about my androstenedione  results. I’m debating following up with my doc, especially since my blood test online shows that my DHEA-S is out of range and I’m a little worried. That being said, only my DHEA-S is high, not other hormones or cortisol, perhaps this is not an issue to begin with? Does anyone know? 

3 years 3 weeks ago #10552

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