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How did you change after surgery?

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How did you change after surgery? was created by Tess

Hi All,

Those of you who have had a pituitary tumour, I would be interested to know what changes occured  months after having tumour removerd?
Did you undergo personality changes? Or different interests in things? etc 

I have a 4mm tumour and high cortisol, so most probably Cushings Desease (just awaiting salivary test results) I don't have a lot of weight gain but if this turns out to be cushings and they operate, I'm hoping I will feel less flat linned, and have more passion for life. I have zero interests in things, but I wan't so badly to be an achiever, it's a constant battle. I wouldn't say I'm depressed, but then again I can't differentiate between that and what is normal as I've been like this for a long time.

I also have a eating disorder, and would like to know if the two correlate, does anyone else have/ had a pituitary tumour and eating disorder?

Thank you!
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