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New to PNA - not new to Pituitary Adenoma

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New to PNA - not new to Pituitary Adenoma was created by missnevada2003@charter.net

Hello Kara,
<br> I too had a prolactinoma. MRIs are not always accurate with pituitary tumors. I had MRIs that showed my tumor and others that did not within a couple of week time period. It is crucial with any of this to make sure that the doctors you are seeing are specialists in pituitary disease because the pituitary gland is so complex that things can easily be missed with tests if they are not correctly ordered. For example if a doctor orders a Thyroid test, they could miss thyroid disease completely if they only ask for one test. There are many. This is the same for other blood tests and MRIs. Like you I also suffered from anxiety and was put on Lexapro at one point. It was most definitely related to my tumor. Once my hormones were balanced I was ok and did not need the meds to cover it up. However, there are other reasons for anxiety too. The best course of action is to see your doctor and don't be afraid to seek out other doctors and get many opinions. I have always said that I wouldn't settle for my car not working correctly just because a mechanic told me it was ok, so I won't settle for my body not working correctly because 1 or 10 doctors tell me it is ok. I will fight for my health. One more thing. If you have not done so already, purchase the PNA handbook. I brought this to doctors appts and it really helped me. Take care.
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