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× Empty Sella Syndrome is a radiological finding where spinal fluid is found within the space created for the pituitary.

Fsh only secreting adenoma

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Replied by MK on topic Fsh only secreting adenoma

Thank you for replying TM. Yes I have actually seen a local (Bossier, Louisiana) endocrinologist and drove to Houston (Baylor College of Medicine) for a second opinion. Both endos currently agree on med. mgmt. Not sure if this is due to location of adenoma or size? My adenoma seems to be located directly in the middle of my pituitary and it is actually my pituitary that is touching the optic nerve. I have learned that my stalk is very small and that I am "tented". My last fsh level was 20. My anti-Mueller hormone was 0.0. So my ovaries are no longer producing estrogen. Thankfully my thyroid antibodies were all neg. so it doesn't seem to be an autoimmune problem. My Houston endo. currently has 6 other fsh only adenoma pts and a couple of the adenomas seem to be "responding " to the estrogen therapy. I am hoping to be added to that list. Thanks MK
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Fsh only secreting adenoma was created by pnaadmin

Hello MK, Have you seen a doctor that specializes in pituitary disorders? I think you really need to start with an Endocrinologist with pituitary experience as soon as possible. While I commend your OB/GYN for getting your levels within "lab limits" you need a physician that can give you more information about exactly what you are up against. You mentioned that your tumor is pressing on the optic nerve but has not caused any damage yet. You really need to get some answers and determine the best course of treatment BEFORE any damage is done to your vision. Take care and be well. TM
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