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× Empty Sella Syndrome is a radiological finding where spinal fluid is found within the space created for the pituitary.

Can't walk at my regular pace.

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Can't walk at my regular pace. was created by Saint Thomas

I have been an empty sella patient for about 15 years with most of my hormones compromised.
Originally caused by meningitis I believe.
Recently had an ACTH stimulation test and failed it.
I am now on hydrocortisone 10 +5 mgs per day.
10 in the am and 5 at supper time.
I started this medication about 3 wks ago.

I feel great.
A whole lot stronger than I have been in a long time.
But I can't walk for exercise any more.
I am walking slower than everybody I meet on the road. I USED TO WALK VERY FAST but now I just can't walk a normal pace for very long.
Not sure if I need more hydrocortisone or if one of the other adrenal hormones is missing.
Any ideas ?
Empty Sella
4 years 11 months ago #10243

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