× Hypogonadism can occur for a number of reasons. Certain men have hypogonadism since birth while others may develop this condition later in life. The two types of hypogonadism are Primary Hypogonadism & Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism.

Hormone test results

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Replied by carolk on topic Hormone test results

Hi There,

I am not a medical professional either, and I agree with Tammy. I can't stress enough how important it is for you to consult with an endocrinologist that specializes in pituitary disorders. If they practice at a pituitary center that is ideal because there is a multidisciplinary team of physicians that can consult together to come up with the best treatment plan for you  if you have a pituitary disorder. That is your best chance to get a correct diagnosis and proper treatment. Symptoms of pituitary disorders can be non-specific and can overlap with other diseases which is why you need an expert. It is not uncommon for pituitary patients to see multiple doctors before getting to the right doctor that can diagnose them. Start keeping a journal of your symptoms, with date, time of day you are experiencing them and bring it with you to your appt. Also, write any questions you have down ahead of the appt so you can be sure they are all answered at your visit. When you get a diagnosis, learn everything you can about it, become an expert. Also, find a support group in your area or online. PNA has one on Facebook, "Pituitary Network Support Group." Do a search for it on Facebook and ask to join. Once you're approved only people in the group can see your posts. Stay strong! Best wishes on your journey!
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Replied by pnaadmin on topic Hormone test results


I am so sorry for all that you are going through. I am not a medical professional so I cannot interpret what your test results mean. However it does sound like you need a good endocrinologist to help you sort everything out. 

Our website has a list of endocrinologists who specialize in helping people with pituitary and endocrine disorders. I think it would be beneficial for you to see  a pituitary specialist since your hormones seem to be effected. Not all endocrinologists specialize in pituitary and hormonal disorders many of them focus on diabetes and metabolism so make sure whoever you go to has a specialty in hormones.

Here are some links that may be helpful:

List of pituitary specialists:


Our list of specialists includes neurosurgeons and endocrinologists. If there isn't an endocrinologist in your area you can contact one of the neurosurgeons to find out who they recommend in your area.

Information about hypogonadism:



The links about talk about hypogonadism, its symptoms and possible treatments. I included this because it seems like some of your symptoms are listed here. It is by no means a diagnosis, just something that may be helpful.

I definitely recommend getting another opinion from an endocrinologist and I hope you are able to get some answers.

Kind regards,

Tammy Mazzella
Pituitary Network Association
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Hormone test results was created by Zekky

Just to clarify quickly, i highly suspect hypogonadism, ive never been diagnosed but i never received attention towards the issue until now at 30. 

My semen is zero. My fsh is <0.01
My LH is <0.01

However ny testosterone is high, naturally high.  

Calculated free testosterone is h 1329pmol/l

Testosterone is H 33.5

Free androgen index is H 372.2%

SHBG is L 9nmol/L

Oestradiol is <50

Tsh is 0.29mIU/L

Free t4 is 12.3

Free t3 is 4.5
Prolactin is 139 mIU/L

Now , i dont believe this is a 
Stable situation, ive had test results come back within normal ranges but usually the come back very high, lh and fsh has always been flat, i dint have the tests to back it up but i can assure you theyve akways been nil.... My puburty is definately a half finished job, my balls hang like a 12yo and im 30, i have testicular pain in my left testicle which at times retreats, i have swelling and water retentiin in my pelvic area and crouch around my genitals and have had this issue since my circumcision when i was 8. 
Im pretty certain i have trauma and deep scarring from post circumcision because my step father did some really slack things to me involving my genetals when i was in the earliest stages of healing , i have physical scarring , burried penis and webbed penis between the scrotum and testicles. 

Ive never gotten a girl pregnans and  i suspect  i have estrogen and low testosterone related problems 
Aswell as high testosterone and low estrogen related problems. 

My issue seems to be a constand up and down cycle of these hormones. 

I sometimes get gyno and dramatic fat gain , other times it feels  i will ride flat on everything , i cant get errections during this time or i will have difficulty , ill have zero sexual interest severe suicidal depression and self hatred, terribke sleep, my joints and bones will ache my energy will be zero, my desire to do anything will be zero, then ill have a period where my while body becomes optimized for fat loss and muscle gain, ill lift insane amounts at the gym ...150kg bench press, Rows of 180-200kg, calf raise 200-300kg, squats of 180, leg press of 340-400kg, curling 50kg dumbells, shoulder pressing 150, as much as i can bench... 

Right now i havnt trained all buy just now for ten minutes and had to stop, due to muscle pump pain, i have eaten a standard diet and not stepped foot in the gym other than today for almost ten days, my last gym session was legs, ten days agi, since then my legs have become super muscular and thick looking and my calves just going for a walk tend to pump up insanely. 

This is a really confusing thing for me, and my doctors just see test results and cant give me an explanation, just another referal to someone else. 

The majority of my life i didnt have this type of issue, i had low test delayed puberty, pre pubescent gyno and weight issues when i was hitting puberty up until 26. 

At 26 i had a car accident suffered a head injury and broke my back in three places my mouth and lower ,face my rips my legs ,feet and had bleeding on the brain. 
Beyind that i have had zero opperations since my circumscision , zero stds zero illnesses except for apparent crohns disease which does not display the classical charecteristics or symptoms of crohns.

On the night i was hospitalised for my crohns , i lost 2litres of blood in one sitting, before that i had zero symptoms and zero occurances of blood loss or internal bleeding. 

After 2 weeks in hospital and all the ct scans im aloud, and treatment of an internal infection, i was sent home ... With no diagnosis except that if i was taking drugs then to stop. 

I was not, i was returned back to hospital two weeks later where i got the. Crohns diagnosis, since the innitial attack and internal bleeding ive never had an attack since, just high inflamation markers.

However since that day my endocrine system has been junk, or atleast that what i think.. I got diagnosed with adhd, narcolepsy, i live off 100mg to 150mg of vyvanse each day just to find the energy to do something productive , even if i enjoy something i cant do it without a cns stimulant. Not even sex. 

I csn go beyond 96kg or below 83kg, no matter what. 
I have severe sleeping disorders , night terrors, sleep disturbia, sleep paralysis, i sometimes wake up randomly after a short peried of sleep and it feels like my brain is melting, i crouch into a ball of fear completely crushed by an unexplainable terror over something that has no proper logical reason to create that fear. 

Instead for instance , numbers will flash through my mind and i wont have any control of stopping the numbers from increasing , i will have a question or feeling stuck in my head , i wont have any control of my mind or body and it feels as of im over the edge of sanity falling into madness, sometimes i will leap up and across mid walk, with my hands to my head, one reaccuring thinh that is always present in each occurence, is that i will repeat, chant "it cant be" " no way,no way, no way" or "no no no no no" usually over and over in between trying to seek help or soeak with someone ....walking around, speaking with someone, putting food in my mouth , hugging, helps to ease the terror a little, but it lasts about 15 minutes and then it subsides i fall asleep for a short time and wake up a few moments later as myself. 

I feel like sharing all this information , because i think its all related to something major , i dont believe what i am suffering from is one specific thing but the fallout of many things as a result of a major issue somewhere along the line in my body. 

If anyone has any input , any knowledge of people suffering anything at all thats similar to any of the bizare issues im experiencing both psychilogically and/or hornonally , if you could share some knowledge. . Ive foubd nothing that reports the sort of issues im having with my sleep and waking terror, and nothing that reflects my hormonal imbalances ... Im sure i must be looking in the wrong places
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