× Hypogonadism can occur for a number of reasons. Certain men have hypogonadism since birth while others may develop this condition later in life. The two types of hypogonadism are Primary Hypogonadism & Hypogonadotropic Hypogonadism.

Sleep problems with TRT

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Replied by Wlxqsme on topic Sleep problems with TRT

Thank you for bringing up this topic. It gave me another way of thinking when it comes to my husband's recent diagnosis. I will definitely look into a sleep study for my husband.
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Sleep problems with TRT was created by [email protected]

I know I'm really late to the party on this topic, but I thought I'd add my two cents in. When I started investigating my symptoms of hypogonadism before I found out I had a microadenoma I saw an endocrinologist (the first of many). She asked me about sleep and snoring. When I told her I snored "like a dumptruck" according to my wife the endo referred me to a sleep doctor. Two sleep studies later, one without and one with a CPAP (fat boy machine as I like to refer to it) I learned I had sleep hypopnea. It's not quite full blown apnea, but the treatment is the same. I use a CPAP at night now and sleep better when I do sleep.
<br> TRT can cause issuse with sleep apnea. I don't know all of the mechanics behind it, but it does. If anyone finds problems sleeping then I'd talk to your endo about a referral to a sleep specialist. A sleep study can determine if it's an apnea issue or if there are other issues (psychological, dietary, etc.) that cause sleep disturbances.
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