× Hypopituitarism is a general term that refers to any under function of the pituitary gland. This is a clinical definition used by endocrinologists and is interpreted to mean that one or more functions of the pituitary are deficient.

Hypopituitary, adrenal insufficiency, empy sella

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Hypopituitary, adrenal insufficiency, empy sella was created by kspivey

I need help/advice. I have been dealing with a prolactinoma, partially empty sella syndrome for more than 10 years. I take "spit" pills to produce saliva, medicine for high prolactin levels. My pituitary has lost mass and is not functioning fully. I am taking Levothyroxine for low thyroid. I have had the cortisol stimulant test done and have low cortisol so now am on Hydrocortisone for adrenal insufficiency. I have extreme tiredness all the way to the fatigue level often, even with the medicines. I am only able to work 3 days a week though my job requires fulltime. If I get sick, I can be out the full week. I have been on all the hormone supplements for a year now and have seen little change in my exhaustion levels - even with changing dosages trying to optimize the levels. I cannot exercise because fatigue sets in quickly. I gained quite a bit of weight with the steroids. My endocrinologist just says I should be feeling better and to lose weight - easier said than done. Thought about applying for disability but don't know if I would qualify. ANY SUGGESTIONS? ADVICE? Similar experiences?
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