× As their name indicates, these relatively common pituitary adenomas do not result in excess hormone production. Instead they typically cause symptoms because of increasing size and pressure effect on the normal pituitary gland and on structures near

Recurring macroadenoma hydrocephalus & CSFL

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Recurring macroadenoma hydrocephalus & CSFL was created by KLP

I am scheduled in a week for surgery on my third pituitary tumor; the first in 2008 was 13 mm, the second in 2011 was 7 mm, and this one is currently at about 22 mm. I have had cerebral spinal fluid leaks (CSFL) with both surgeries even though I was told this is a rare complication. By spinal puncture I was told I have a high cerebral fluid rate and angioplasty last month stated I had "borderline hydrocephalus."
I have had different symptoms each time, but this time is the worst with headache, light sensitivity, and nausea. This time I will be doing radiation after the surgery. I am still concerned with the CSFL as this was extremely painful and delayed recovery.
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