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Can tumor be the cause of my symptoms?

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Replied by carolk on topic Can tumor be the cause of my symptoms?

I am not a medical professional, but what I know about pituitary disorders is that they are complex and there really aren't textbook cases of many of these disorders, which means that they are difficult to diagnose. The most glaring symptoms that you listed the extreme thirst and constant urination. Has your current endo tested you? There is a possibility that a non-functioning adenoma can cause damage to the pituitary and in turn, can cause hormone deficiencies. That is where I would suggest you start, to get your pituitary hormones checked with an endo that specializes in pituitary medicine. I would also suggest keeping a journal of your symptoms, with dates and times they occur or intensify.  Also, write down any questions you have in the journal and bring it with you to your doctor's visit so he/she can understand what's really going on and you can make sure all your questions are answered. You have to make sure that you effectively communicate your symptoms to your doctor. If they aren't taking your symptoms seriously, then you need to find another doctor that will. Here is PNA's list of known pituitary specialists:  pituitary.org/medical-resources/physicians

Lastly, I would suggest you learn everything you can about non-functioning adenomas and all of the possible complications. Become an expert so you can ask informed questions and understand the answers. 
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Can tumor be the cause of my symptoms? was created by Lsnook87

Forgive this brief intro before my question...

- Pituitary microadenoma (4.4mm) [3 years]
- Hashimoto's [4 years]
- Fibromyalgia [diagnosed Dec 2019]
- Depression [4 years]
- Anxiety [4 years]
- Sleep Apnea [ 2 years]
- IBS [diagnosed Dec 2019]

- extreme, constant thirst
- frequent night urination (5-11 times a night) for 3 months (I suspect diabetes insipidus)
- muscle weakness and pain
- constant fatigue
- extreme weight gain (50 lbs) and not able to lose

Many other specialists have tested me for other illnesses they suspected I have, and the following have been debunked: PCOS, breast cancer, adrenal fatigue, lupus. 

I continue to be frustrated because, though I am being treated for all of my diagnoses, I don't FEEL any improvement. Of course, blood levels (for the most part) are normal. I've seen 4 endocrinologists, including some of the best in CA, but none seem to think that my problems are caused by my microadenoma. However, I feel that everything I've listed totally points to a non-functioning tumor as the cause. Obviously, I don't claim to know more than I doctor, but I do know how I feel, and I know that I can't continue like this. All of these problems only started about 4 years ago.

Have you had a similar experience?  Do you have any advice? Do you see anything glaring that I'm missing? Is my desperation apparent (lol)?

Thank you for a connection to community and for your help. 
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