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Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency r/t Pituitary Ade

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Replied by PNA-Tammy on topic Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency r/t Pituitary Ade

Hello Mahala,

I am not a medical professional but I would recommend a pituitary specialist. See a pituitary endocrinologist or two and see what they say. Definitely find someone who is experienced at successfully treating people with pituitary tumors. Make sure you keep track of all your symptoms and discuss your quality of life with the doctor.

It might be easier for you to compile your records into a one page document that you could give to your doctors. That way you have it all in one place and can give them a copy. You can list all medications you take as well as your symptoms. My husband has a small laminated card that details all of his medications and dosage information and he just hands them the laminated card and the medical staff loves it, they just make a copy and put it in his file. It makes it a lot easier for everyone.

I hope this helps. I can be reached at tammy@pituitary.org if you would like to contact me directly.

Take care,
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Secondary Adrenal Insufficiency r/t Pituitary Ade was created by mahala

Good evening. I don't see much recent activity on this site so I'm not sure whether my message will be seen. I'm sure like most of you, you get tired of explaining your problems and listing your medications over and over each time you see a new physician! It drives me nuts! The reason why I want to explain my situation again here is because I viewed a physician's session on you tube from this site and he had some very interesting comments.
Following removal of adenomas of the Pituitary Gland some patients were able to stop or decrease their meds! I suffered a TBI in 2000 and wasn't diagnosed with a hormonal problem, which turned out to be the adenoma until 2007. It started with just Hypothyroidism and quickly escalated to Adrenal Insufficiency, No Cortisol production and then Pituitary Adenoma. My Endocrinologist has said unless the tumor grows and causes other interferences, there's no need for removal. And even with removal the Pituitary Gland will never work again. I am wanting to know as soon as possible if that's truly my situation? Even though I was an RN, I am unable now to read a book and really comprehend its' contents. Short stints of information I can understand and hold on to only. Is any one out there able to assist me?
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