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Pituitary Adenoma

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Pituitary Adenoma was created by Granny

In 2005 I had an MRI because my pupils were unequal and reacting slowly to light. The result was high signals suggestive of Pituitary Adenoma but no pressure on optic chiasm. Hormone tests were conducted but nothing found and Dr suggested repeat MRI in 2 years. In 2007. No change was noted so next MRI scheduled for 2010. By this time pupils had returned to normal size but reaction was still a bit sluggish. The radiologist could not find anything abnormal so no further follow-up was needed.
In 2011, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and my hypertension began to climb e.g. 200/110 despite ARB and diuretic. Last year due to a suspicious lump in my right breast an MRI was conducted which revealed multiple fibroadenomas and an unclear diagnosis for the lump; both breasts BIRADS 3.
My question goes back to the missing potential Pituitary adenoma, could a problem with HPA be the cause of all my hormone related issues, including the hypertensive issues?
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