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My Diagnosis

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My Diagnosis was created by Stratuitary

My latest brain scan report. I've known about this cyst for about 5yrs. I have never been able to get an official diagnosis- When found I was having all sorts of symptoms and demanded a brain scan because I thought I had MS. I have been treated for depression on and off most of my life. I am now on hormone therapy, Testosterone, synthroid and anti depressants. I just want a diagnosis for my own confirmation.

Findings: Stable focal gliosis of the left frontal lobe. The brain
parenchyma Y S has normal signal intensity without mass, mass effect
or hemorrhage. There are no areas of restricted diffusion. The
ventricles are normal. There are no extraaxial fluid collections.
The orbits, paranasal sinuses and mastoid air cells are unremarkable.
Normal arterial and venous flow voids are present. No areas of
abnormal dural, parenchymal or leptomeningeal enhancement.

Stable well-defined cystic lesion measuring 3 mm involving the
lateral margin of the pituitary gland on the left side. This
involves the anterior portion. The remainder of the pituitary gland
is normal. Normal infundibulum. Cavernous sinus normal.

Impression: Stable incidental 3 mm cyst of the pituitary gland
projecting to the left of midline. Stable focal area of previous
trauma of the left frontal lobe. The study is otherwise negative.
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