× These pituitary tumors (also called adenomas) secrete excessive amounts of prolactin and are the most common type of pituitary tumor seen clinically.

High prolactin levels in 2 year old

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High prolactin levels in 2 year old was created by Alyssia01

Just wondering if anyone has had this with there child?
Mr 2 ( let’s call him bug) started drink excessive amounts of fluids (mainly water) after multiple doctors and multiple tests they have found his prolactin level to be high (I don’t know how high)
Tests came back on Wednesday (today is Friday) by yesterday afternoon I had the child specialist hospital ring me with an appointment for Tuesday. (I’ve been told it could be a couple of days staying there)
Polite way to put it usual out hospital systems are very slow. The urgency of this had worried me.
Wondering if it’s common in a child bugs age?
What could be the cause and outcome as there is nothing online about such young children having issues.
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