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Period is back - why are my levels still high?

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Period is back - why are my levels still high? was created by dupontb

Hi everyone,

I'm very concerned and want to share my story.

When I was 18, I stopped getting my period. Being young, I didn't think much of it and ignored it. I went to see my family doctor a few times, they'd give me hormones, I'd get a period and then it would stop again. I am petite so I would often be told to gain 5 pounds, which I would and nothing would happen.

Fast forward to when I was 24. I finally asked to see a specialist and with a ton of blood work, they found out that I had high prolactin levels. I went for an MRI and I have a 1mm Pituitary Tumour.

I went to see and endocrinologist who quickly prescribed me Bromocriptine. I was on half a dose. Within a month, I started my period. I moved up to a full dose a few months later with no issues. I got more blood work done and I ended up with a result of 32 (which is close to normal - YAY)!

In September, my brother passed away suddenly. Of course, I went under a traumatic event and my period stopped coming. I went for blood work in December and my levels were back up to 46. My Endocrinologist decided to double my dose (5mg) of Bromocriptine. Since then, my period has returned and everything seems to be good. However, I just went for blood work and my prolactin levels have gone up again (53). I'm not sure what is going on? My period has returned and I feel fine. Has anyone had this happen to them?

Any information would be wonderful.

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