× These pituitary tumors (also called adenomas) secrete excessive amounts of prolactin and are the most common type of pituitary tumor seen clinically.

How long did you have to wait to see a specialist?

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How long did you have to wait to see a specialist? was created by Skinn1k

So my story to begin with is that I started having the symptoms of a prolactinoma since the birth of my son 3 years ago (although not realising at the time) and then the symptoms got much worse since the birth of my daughter 10 months ago. After being fobbed off by the GP I called back and asked that I have a blood test as I was sure I had something going on with my hormones. The day after the blood test I was called in for another and then a few days after that I was called into the GP’s office to be told that my blood results along with my symptoms indicated I have a prolactinoma. The GP then said she would be referring me urgently to a specialist and I would see someone within 2 weeks. Nearly 2 weeks later and I have finally heard only to be told that I’ll actually have to wait 6-8 weeks to be seen by someone. Is this normal? Apparently the only way they’ll see me earlier is if I suddenly lose my vision or get black spots in my vision. 
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