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Are we supposed to fight through the fatigue?

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Are we supposed to fight through the fatigue? was created by ByTheWillow

So here I am again.  It's not even 20:00 yet and I feel as though I can go to bed right now.  But I can't because, not only do I have a ton of work, I am writing exams in 3 weeks and I have barely touched my books.  I have struggled with fatigue since I was at school (more than 20 years ago), but I was only diagnosed in 2018 after my optometrist found the issue.  I am currently sitting with a 2.5cm Prolactinoma which hasn't shrunk at all since starting with Bromocriptine in 2018.

What I want to know is whether there is some medication that gives energy and focus, because I am really struggling here.  I don't have great sleeping patterns, but I have been able to get between 7 - 10 hours every night with the current lockdown.  But I still wake up tired, I crash around 11ish but can't nap because my brain just CAN'T. SWITCH. OFF.

It's driving me nuts because the more tired I am, the more mistakes I make when doing work.  I am really at my wit's end.  My doctor unfortunately also doesn't really believe in any symptoms (and no I can't switch doctors... we take what we get at the State Hospital) so even when I ask her about these things, she'll usually say there's nothing wrong with me and I need to sort out my head.

I am a very emotionally strong person, but that doesn't help when I'm doing someone's accounts and I keep swopping numbers around.  It also doesn't help when I can't focus when I try to study.  I have made peace with the weight gain and the chubby face and the weird menstrual cycles, but this fatigue is really getting to me.

I exercise regularly, I eat very nutritious food and I take Vit B/Folic Acid as well as Calcium/Boron.  Is there anyone whose doctor might have suggested something (even if it's just temporary) to help with energy and focus?  Then I can mention it to her when I see her in 2 weeks for my check-up.  She doesn't like it when I read up on my condition, but if I can get suggestions from this forum, she might think about it.
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