× Rathke's pouch is a normal component of embryological development which eventually forms the pituitary gland. This pouch normally closes early in fetal development, but a remnant often persists as a cleft that lies within the pituitary gland.

225 mcg of synthroid

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Replied by carolk on topic 225 mcg of synthroid

Hi There, I'm not a medical professional or an insurance expert. Having said that, what I know about pituitary deficiencies is that hormone replacement is tricky. As an example, the body's cortisol circadian rhythm typically begins to rise during the night and then peak first thing in the morning, then drops and fluctuates throughout the day. An oral replacement will never completely mimic what the body requires because every body may metabolize it differently. Communicating your symptoms with your doctor will help him/her make dosing adjustments that may help. The best advice I can give you is to continue to advocate for yourself. Write down what you want to accomplish at your doctor visit and check each item off as you discuss with your doctor. Start keeping a journal of your symptoms with dates and times because timing can be significant. Bring your journal with you to your visits and give this information to your doctor so he understands what's really going on and how your symptoms are affecting your quality-of-life. Learn everything you can about your deficiencies so you can have an informed conversation with your doctor. As far as the GH prescription, as you know the cost of GH Therapy is very high and co-pays vary depending on your medicare plan. Some of the GH manufacturers have programs to help with the cost. I would suggest having that discussion with your doctor at the next visit and ask them to help you try to get on one of the manufacturer programs. You have to be strong and advocate for your proper treatment. Best wishes on your journey!
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Replied by campbay on topic 225 mcg of synthroid

Seven years ago I had a Rathke's cyst hit me at age 61.  Hyponatremia was my first symptom and for some reason the docs decided to focus only on my thyroid for the first 9 months.  I'm currently on 150 mcg of Synthroid and I feel horrible even after several years of cortisone and testosterone.  I would really like to try hgh but I can't get anyone to prescribe it.  I had my surgery at USCF and they recommended it and released me to my, virtually unknown to me, local endocrinologist.  That doctor did nothing regarding hgh and I was too sick to fight it.  A couple of years later I went to OHSU and went through their testing for my need for hgh.  Their response was that yes I do need hgh but they have to fight insurance companies so it will take awhile.  Nothing came of that.
I am do disappointed in the care I have received from nationally recognized experts to local docs.  The US Medicare system was designed to force sick, elderly people try to figure out which insurance companies are best for their condition.  I can't even get a prescription for hgh so I have no idea how to shop for Plan D.
Why can't we just have universal insurance for everyone and figure out how to spend the savings instead of this bogus argument on will we pay for cheaper insurance once we switch to a first world health insurance plan?
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Replied by louissmith on topic 225 mcg of synthroid

If you are taking Synthroid and you are still depressed, overweight or losing hair (all symptoms of hypothyroidism, which this drug treats) then your dose is still not high enough. If your doctor tells you that you are "within the normal range, "switch doctors - if you are still having symptoms then your dose should be higher. I have been on this medication for several years now and as long as I'm on the right dose, I feel fine. I know I need an adjustment when I start to get tired and depressed. Those are the two most obvious symptoms for me (as well as hair loss). I have used low-carb diets effectively (New Atkins for a New You is good - has a section for vegetarians) to lose the weight I had gained when my thyroid became inactive
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225 mcg of synthroid was created by winslade11

I take 100mcg Thyroxine daily & 150mcg on Saturday & Sunday made up of 100mcg Thyroxine & 50mcg of Synthroid. With that my levels appear to be kept an acceptable level but am still extremely tired.
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