× Rathke's pouch is a normal component of embryological development which eventually forms the pituitary gland. This pouch normally closes early in fetal development, but a remnant often persists as a cleft that lies within the pituitary gland.

After Surgery

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Replied by Ecara6212 on topic After Surgery

I am curious to know how you are doing a year later?

I am now strongly considering surgery after mine was found two years ago, and the surgeon said they would take a similar approach but then pack the cysts with fat to prevent the run off. Interested to know how you are with this small difference.
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After Surgery was created by akhowell.rn

I have recently had surgery for a Rathke Cleft Cyst (about 3 months ago) and was wondering if anyone had a similar experience and would be willing to share.
I had a transsphenoidal endoscopic approach to drain the cyst, and the surgeon left the sella turcica floor and dura open, so that the cyst may drain into my sinuses in the future, should it recur. I have found little information about this procedure, and I believe this is because it is a fairly new approach. Has anyone else had this? If so, has the cyst returned, and/or drained? And do you have symptoms? I hear noises (difficult to describe, but creaking/popping type sounds) when I have increased activity, such as jogging. Sometimes even when I bend over and stand up I hear the sounds. I don't know if it is air or fluid moving in my sinuses?
ANY information on this topic would be appreciated.
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