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Replied by nissatrollope on topic Prolactin

My prolactin level was 46.6 in March so I started supplements to balance my hormones. Vitex, thyroid support by pure encapsulation, testo-plus by Douglas labs, a probiotic, omega 3 by NutraSea, biothy, magnesium. Now it's October and my level has dropped to 40.6. I am pleased that it has dropped and I want it to drop more so I plan on doing some more research on either upping the amount of what I am taking and or adding other supplements that aim to reduce prolactin. Reduce stress level is recommended so I will try to lessen my work load to 3 days per week and restart my yoga, meditation, exercise and journaling regime. I have an MRI booked for November to rule out pituitary tumour. Hope to lower levels naturally before then. Does anyone else know of natural supplements that have worked for them?
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Replied by pnaadmin on topic Prolactin

Hello Lauren,

Welcome to the PNA forum! It sounds like you are in the beginning stages of your diagnosis. I am sure you have a lot of questions. I am not a medical professional so I cannot answer them myself. I do recommend checking out our website to learn more about prolactin and questions that you can ask your doctor. I also recommend seeing a doctor that has experience treating people with pituitary issues. A couple of the areas that may be helpful to you on our website are the Get Answers section on our home page, and the lists of physicians and hospitals that have experienced pituitary specialists.

We also have a support group on Facebook that may be helpful to you. It is a closed group so you will have to request to join. We keep the group closed so that people can freely post questions and information knowing that the posts can only be seen by other members of the group.

Here is a link to the group:


Feel free to post questions and information and we would love an update on how you are doing. You can also contact us at (805) 499-9973 or via email at [email protected]

Take care,

Tammy Mazzella
Pituitary Network Association
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Prolactin was created by Lauren89

Hi! Im new here so not sure how this works but i guess im looking for similar stories. I was sent for hormone testing and my dr said my prolactin levels were 30.9 and a normal is 21.2 he said it wasnt overly high but he wants me to go back for more bloodwork and if its still elevated an MRI. has anyone else had this level and if so what was the outcome? Thank you; will keep you updated :)
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