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What kind of MicroAdenoma do i have

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Replied by PNA-Tammy on topic What kind of MicroAdenoma do i have

Hello Winners,

Only testing or pathology can determine the type of pituitary tumor you have. I am not a medical professional so I do not have the training necessary to determine what your symptoms may mean.

Pituitary tumors can be difficult to treat so I do recommend that you find a pituitary specialist or team of specialists to help you. There are many different types of pituitary tumors including some that produce an excess of hormones (functioning or endocrine active) and some that do not produce hormones (non-functioning or endocrine inactive). Everyone experiences different symptoms even if they have the same type of tumor so it is important to have doctors that are familiar with treating people with pituitary disorders.

There are many pages on our website that can be helpful, one of those pages is the page that discusses the different hormones and disorders that are associated with the pituitary. Here is a link to that page.


We also have a list of physicians and hospitals that specialize in treating pituitary disorders.

Here is a link to the physicians listing.


Here is a link to the list of hospitals/medical centers


If at all possible it is best to have a team of doctors treat you as this will provide you with mulitple disciplines each looking at your case specifically to determine the best course of treatment.

Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, or if you would like additional information. I can be reached at (805) 499-9973 or via email at [email protected]

Take care,
Tammy Mazzella
Pituitary Network Association
[email protected]
(805) 499-9973
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What kind of MicroAdenoma do i have was created by Winners

iam 28 years old male new here and hope someone can help or share a similar story.

I was dealing with fatigue , and sleep problem ( i will get up tired with 8 hours sleep).
I also have sexual problems (mainly premature ejaculation) .

Recently i did blood check , everything came ok , only slighty high prolaction ( was 21 , and range is 4-19)) and slightly High LH.
Doctor doubt about pituituary tumor , and send me for IRM.

Did IRM and was 2*3 mm microadenoma .

Now waiting for the endo consultation (after two weeks). Meanwhile , i decided to restest prolaction and LH level.
Results came back in normal range now ?????

Can someone explain me the situation , i thought was prolactinoma. is it normal that prolaction level go higher than go back to normal range.
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