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Replied by Rkbrumbelow on topic NEED SOME HELP!

Mark, growth at 1mm a month is an aggressive tumour, however without contrast, adenomas even as large as yours, are difficult to visualize. As such, they are also difficult to measure. There is always a degree of fuzziness as to where the boundary actually is.
Take a 3mm adenoma that is spherical, from 3mm to 3.1mm is a huge amount of growth. The volume of a sphere is 4/3 pi r³ so that's 14.4mm³ to 15.6mm³ a change of 8%. Usually though it is the surface area of an adenoma that is important rather than the total volume, that changes less dramatically.
Technically anything under 10mm is considered micro, anything over is macro, but size is not as important as surface area, and surface area really just determines maximum release date, not the actual rate.
Unless you are allergic to the contrast, I would recommend you have the test rerun with contrast and then follow up in a few months, with the same contrast, radiologist etc to see if there really is as much growth as you think, many times adenomas cannot even be visualized without contrast. Chances are, however, it is not really growing that fast and you are seeing the results of the poor definition of the images, at least hopefully. 
Ultimately your care is in your hands, we rely on specialists to advise and to interpret results, but the ultimate decisions are up to the patient.
As for not being able to explain all of your symptoms, MDs tend to want there to be 1 thing wrong with a patient, where there is more than one thing, it is multiple, when symptoms overlap it is compound, when they not only overlap, but actually feedback to each other then it is complex, those become very difficult to diagnose because we look for a set of symptoms as evidence of disease.
Try to write up a history of your symptoms and therapies that have worked or not worked and what the timeline was. A good forensic doc can work through that and get a better idea of progression and the root of the disease(s)/ syndrome 
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Replied by Lesliehughes on topic NEED SOME HELP!

Good. tc of yourself.
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Replied by pnaadmin on topic NEED SOME HELP!

Hi Mark,

I am not a medical professional but I do know that everyone's case is different. Pituitary tumors are very complex as they can effect so much of our day-to-day lives. Size does not affect whether or not you have symptoms. The smallest of tumors can still wreak havoc on you. You may have had the tumor during the first scan, the person reading it may not have noticed it. 

I highly finding a pituitary specialist to help determine the best course of treatment. Not all doctors have the training necessary to properly treat pituitary tumors.  In the meantime, keep track of your symptoms (even ones you think may not be related). When you see the specialist go over all of the symptoms with them. This will help them figure out what testing you will need and help determine the type of pituitary tumor you have. 

Our website has a list of specialists and a list of pituitary centers. 

Pituitary Specialists

Pituitary Centers

Finding a team of doctors who all work together to figure out your best options is the key to obtaining a higher quality of life with these tumors. It also helps to educate yourself about the different types of pituitary tumors and the symptoms that may be associated with the tumor. 

This area of our website goes into detail about the symptoms, the tests to ask for and finding the right doctor.


I know this is a lot of information to take in so if you have any questions feel free to contact us at (805) 499-9973 or via email at [email protected] 

Take care,
Tammy Mazzella
Pituitary Network Association
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NEED SOME HELP! was created by markarbee

Hello I am Mark from Florida. I have been having neuro symptoms for years. Diagnosed with Lyme Disease and/or a co-infection that was untreated and have been "sick" for 20 years with MANY symptoms that come/go and persist. I went to ER in July of 2018 for severe pain in my neck/throat and they did a CT Scan with contrast of my "head" and neck..Clear scan. Sent me home. Fast forward to November of 18 and started to feel very ill, headache, dizzy, short of breath, transient nausea that would come upon waking, VERY poor sleep and so here we go again. Back to DR and he orders an MRI with and without contrast, which I a week ago...Came back with a well defined "adenoma" or "lesion" 6x7mm. Says to correlate the findings with my symptoms. Dr says well its a MICRO adenoma and "no big deal" and can't explain all your "issues". I said OK and went out on my own, as I have had to do in the past. So my question(s) is/are is it common for something like this to grow that quickly? I can't find ANY info on this with respect to "growth rates". IF this is accurate, and I have to trust the imaging studies, this thing is growing a 1mm per month. That seems like a lot! Also since it is so "small" can it explain these debilitating symptoms I have had since before Thanksgiving that seem to wax and wane but are ever present? I can't get anyone to have any urgency with regard to this and it is frustrating me and causing me some mild panic. I would like to hear from someone else out there if any of this sounds reasonable or am I thinking and going about this with a level of urgency that is not totally warranted? I am concerned about the size and the time lapse from clear scan to 7mm. HELP! Thank you in advance. I am grateful for a forum like this and appreciative of those who respond. 
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