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My Journey - Severe Sleep Apnea and a Concussion

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My Journey - Severe Sleep Apnea and a Concussion was created by LucyG0877

Hi All, 

Here is my story.  I am a 50 year old female.  When I was 47 years old I was diagnosed with Severe Central Sleep apnea.  I took the sleep study test in a hospital and spent the night there.  I am grateful to my primary care doctor who understood the symptoms when I complained to him of being out of breath when I woke up in the morning and my tiredness during the day.  My sleep apnea is central, not obstructive.  My cardio pulmonologist told me I must use my CPAP every night or I risk death due to oxygen deprivation because I stopped breathing 80-90 times an hour!  So i willingly started using the CPAP and was able to have a good night sleep and no longer woke up gagging and choking for air.  However, no one was able to tell me why or what was causing my sleep apnea.  In fact the doctor's report said I was a very unusual case because I did not fit the criteria. 

Fast forward and a little more history.  Since 3 years ago I started having really bad migraines and electric shocks all over my body, big zaps and involuntary body movements.  I saw 3 different gynecologists and they told me that my hormone levels showed that I had the hormones of a 65 year old woman, and at that time I was 47 years old.  The gyno's said I was going through menopause so I figured these weird shock sensations were all related to menopause.  So I endured the painful electric shocks and body tremors that continued for 3 years. 

Things changed at the end of February 2019.  

In January I suffered a bad concussion at home, I hit my head in my forehead with the kitchen cabinet.  I almost knocked myself out it was so bad.  3 days later I had a bruise and severe headache with dizziness and the whole nine yards.  I saw my primary care and he said I had a mild concussion and it would get better. 1 month later I was still not better and could not remember my son's name, my mom's name or my dog's.  I had vertigo everyday and had to work from home.  

So I went back to my Primary care Dr. and he was concerned that I was not recovered.  Oh, I also had slurred speech.  So he ordered an MRI to confirm his diagnosis of a small traumatic brain injury and no bleeding.  I went and got an MRI done but I said no contrast because I didn't want to risk getting an allergic reaction to it since my body has been very sensitive to any meds for 3 years now.  2 days later the doctor called me. 

My primary care doctor said I have a 1-2 mm pituitary tumor and with an enlarged pituitary gland of 8 mm!  I was shocked and scared to death.  He said I need to take another MRI but with contrast and he ordered it. 

Well I sat on that and had to think about it.  At the same time my concussion symptoms improved and went away, there was no bleeding in the brain.  So I put it off.  Then in May I changed jobs and decided to upgrade my health care benefits, best thing I've ever done!   I had to wait 2 months before they started my new health care benefits just because of when I started working it was the middle of May. 

In July my new health care benefits started and at that time I started getting more severe headaches that were not tied to my concussion, this time it was different.  I had pain behind my ear, at the base of my neck and at temples.  Every day I started having complete lethargy, fatigue and I could not get out of bed.  Then my right eyelid would droop whenever I had a headache and my face would be paralyzed and I could not move it.  I went to the ER for one of those incidents and they thought I was having a stroke, but I was not.  They said I had a complex migraine.  

However, I recalled what my primary care doctor said and decided to take the next step and I made an apt. with an endocrinologist.  My apt. with the endo is next Tuesday and she will order blood tests and order an MRI with contrast.  Now I am ready to begin this journey because I'm tired of living like I'm a hostage to this tumor.  I'm also afraid of going blind because my right eye feels like there is something pushing or pressing on it from inside and it scares me.  I still can see but my right eye gets blurry. 

Thank you for reading my journey and discovery of my pituitary tumor.  I now see that my central sleep apnea could very well be caused by the pituitary tumor and it also sheds light on all of my other symptoms.  I'm ready to tackle this even though I'm afraid most days and sick.  I guess I'm just sick of being sick.  

- Colorado Gal 
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