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Misshapen peturity and tumour

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Replied by carolk on topic Misshapen peturity and tumour

Hi There, I am not a medical professional. Pituitary medicine is complex so it is good that you have a team of specialists reviewing your case. From what I've read, pituitary aplasia where the pituitary is absent or underdeveloped or pituitary dysplasia where there is a defect in the development or pituitary hyperplasia where the pituitary is enlarged would be investigated with endocrine hormone testing as well as MRI studies. With the MRI showing a tumor also known as an adenoma, they will look at the hormone studies to determine what type of tumor it is. The type will determine the course of treatment. Most pituitary tumors are benign but many hypersecrete hormones causing untold damage and symptoms to your body long term. The size can also cause hormone insufficiencies causing many symptoms as well and in the case of cortisol can be life-threatening. Also, right above the pituitary is the optic chiasm where the optic nerves are located which could be an issue if the tumor is growing or already pressing on it you may experience vision issues. If the tumor is extremely large it can invade the cavernous sinus on either side of the pituitary which is where the carotid arteries are located as well as important nerves making it difficult to remove. Some types of adenomas can be treated with medications, others will need to be treated by surgery, and if it's not growing or causing any issues they will just observe. The typical pituitary surgery is done through the nose. If you need surgery it is very important that your neurosurgeon is a pituitary specialist that has done many, many pituitary surgeries. This is key!! My advice to you is to learn everything you can about your condition so you can ask informed questions and understand the answers. This link will help you to get answers to some of your questions:  https://pituitary.org/table/get-answers/   The next link will explain the pituitary and gives you a list of the different disorders:  https://pituitary.org/knowledge-base/disorders  We also have a list of PNA's known pituitary specialists;  https://pituitary.org/medical-resources/physicians . The PNA also moderates a closed Facebook pituitary patient support group. If you do a search in Facebook on "PituitaryNetwork Support Group" and ask to join, once you are approved you can post and only members of the group will see your posts.  Best wishes on your journey!            
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Misshapen peturity and tumour was created by Roxy

Hello everyone, 
I found out after an MRI scan that my peturity gland is not a normal shape and also has a tumour. I can't find any information on misshapen peturitys does anyone know anything about this? There is going to be a meeting of specialists to discuss my case but I am nervous about what the treatment would be. Looking for support. 
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