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Losing Cognitive Abilities – Pituitary?

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Losing Cognitive Abilities – Pituitary? was created by JeffJamesDean

Losing Cognitive Abilities – Pituitary?

A coworker reported to my supervisor that my ability to perform my job was not satisfactory. I have always received "Exceeds Expectations".

I get up and go to work. Regardless of how I feel. Typically I work 10- 12 hours a day. I do that to ensure the quality of my work is superior.

My memory loss is horrid, I have no sex drive, I am constantly fatigue, I fell asleep at my desk three time in the last 6 months. Typically I pick up and keep going.

However, when the comment was made regarding my ability to perform my job I was devastated. I had a large pituitary tumor removed in 2006. My blood work has always been borderline. I never paid too much attention to it. Now I have to. It's going to take some time to determine if I have a pituitary disorder.

1) 2006 - Large Pituitary tumor removed
2) Sinus Surgery
3) Second Sinus Surgery

I am constantly getting MRSA infections. No one I have ever met has had has many MRSA infections as me. Why is that?

Lack of Energy
It's getting to the point where I almost don't care anymore. This is not me. I am a type A personality. I am only 47. This is just not me.

Wounds That Will Not Heal
I have swollen legs, stripes on my waste. Cuts that won't heel on my back. I just don't understand. I will figure it out. But I need help. Maybe this is the wrong site for me. But I do have a history with pituitary tumors, really large feet, and blood work that states "See an Endocrinologist" . I will not see just any endocrinologist. I have learned from my wife’s 12 year battle with brain cancer, which caused her death in 2012, the critical nature of seeing qualified doctors who are specialists with good health care grades. My primary care physician is chalking this up to “mental issues”. This aggravates me. He ignores the symptoms and that’s pretty much it. His answer to every question about medical concerns are “well depression will cause all your symptoms...” If this is true how is it that I managed for years and am now suddenly unable to cope? Please review my conditions and add your two cents.

Current Conditions
Unable to Concentrate
Anxiety (nervous breakdown)
Memory Loss
No Sex Drive
Slowly feel like I am losing cognitive function

Blood Work
Doctors Annotations: His testosterone is low, LH is high, and His growth hormone is high
He needs to see endocrinology for further evaluation and treatment of this and make sure he saw neurology as well for further evaluation and see if the ordered MRI of his brain mP.

Test Name: Sex Hormone Binding Globulin
Result: 100.9 (Abn:H)
Acceptable Range: 11.2 - 78.1

Test Nam: Testosterone, Free(Calc)
Result: 32 (Abn:L)
Acceptable Range 47- 244

Test Name Testosterone, Free %
Result: .8 (Abn:L)
Acceptable Range: 1.6 - 2.9

Test Name: White Cells
Result: <1
Acceptable Ranges: 0-4

Test Name: Squamous Epithelial Cells
Result: <1
Acceptable Ranges: 0 - 2

Test Name: Vitamin D
Result: 11 (Abn:L)
Acceptable Ranges: 25-100

Test Name: Luteinizing Hormone
Result: 13.7 (Abn:L)
Acceptable Ranges: 1.5 -9.3

Test Name: HDL Cholesterol
Result: 63 (Abn:H)
Acceptable Ranges: 40 - 60

Test Name: ALT (SGPT
Result: 75 (Abn:H)
Acceptable Ranges: 10 - 49
Test Name: AST (SGOT)
Result: 63 (Abn:H)
Acceptable Ranges: 0-33

Test Name: Human Growth Hormone
Result: 2.29 (Abn:H)
Acceptable Ranges: 0.00 - 0.99

Test Name: MCV
Result: 101 (Abn:H)
Acceptable Ranges: 80-100

1) I want to go back to work and just be a normal employee.
2) For the first time I am trying to understand my conditions
3) If the doctor doesn't understand you, you’re a psychiatric case.
4) I was put on Long Term Disability with the "Any" clause. I am of the firm belief the root cause of my issues is not psychiatric but medical.

I wake up every day with extreme headaches and vomit. You get used to it. No biggie? Well now its an issue. How in the world do you go about a proper diagnosis? The good doctors take months to get appointments with the "Any" clause in my Long Term Disability claim is in my opinion wrong. Is this a battle even worth fighting?

"Any" Clause
I am know starting to understand what this means. My research leaves me to believe this is wrong. If I don't get better, find a solution and need Long Term Disability longer than 1.5 years I will go into bankruptcy.

What Do I Do Nest
I would appreciate any and all advice. If I am just some crazy idiot, don't be afraid. Tell me like it is. However, I have been able to live with the psychiatric issues and perform well. Not I can't. I just can't help but believing there is an underlying medical condition related to my pituitary gland.

Thanks for taking the time to read this. Please provide any feedback and don't hold back. Maybe I am just a nut case?
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