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One of the many benefits to being a member of the Pituitary Network Association is access to our Webinar Library. Listed below is all the information on our previous webinars.


Transsphenoidal Surgery for Cushing’s Disease

by Dr. Manish Aghi. 11/30/2022


Surgical Management of Functional Pituitary Tumors

by Dr. Kaisorn Chaichana.  10/17/2022


Pituitary Apoplexy: New Approaches to an Old Problem

by Dr. Adam Mamelak. 7/28/2022


Intracellular Glucocorticoid Reduction: an investigational approach to management of Cushing’s syndrome, autonomous cortisol secretion, and the side-effects of glucocorticoid medicines

by David Katz. 6/20/2022


Pituitary Centers of Excellence: Multidisciplinary Care for Pituitary Patients

by Paul A. Gardner, MD, Georgios Zenonos, MD, Pouneh Fazeli, MD, and Housain Mahmoud, MD.  3/31/2022


Pituitary Tumors

by Michael Brisman, MD  3/9/2022


Optimizing Patient Quality-of-Life Following Pituitary Adenoma Surgery

by Dr. Debraj “Raj” Mukherjee and Dr. Nick Rowan.  2/15/2022


Aggressive Pituitary Neuroendocrine Tumor: What to Know

by  Dr. Mario Zucharello and Dr. Jonathan A. Forbes. 1/19/2022


Advanced Technologies in Pituitary Surgery: The role of VR, AR and AI in achieving better outcomes

by Dr. Robert G. Louis 9/17/2021


Why do I feel lousy after treatment of my pituitary tumor?

by Dr. Kevin C.J. Yuen and Dr. Andrew S. Little.  8/26/2021


Recurrent Cushing Disease

by Dr. Sri Prakash L. Mokshagundam, Dr. Brian J. Williams, and Dr. Sathya S. Krishnasamy.  5/21/2021


A Large Single Institutional Comparison of Microscopic and Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery

by Dr. Jamie J. Van Gompel.  3/9/2021


Defining Quality in Pituitary Care

by Dr. Tyler J. Kenning. 1/21/2021


Cushing’s During Covid-19

by Dr. Mario Zucharello. 12/9/2020


Multiple Neuroendocrine Neoplasia (MEN) 1 and Pituitary Tumors

by Dr. Jamie J. Van Gompel.  11/30/2020


Recurrent Pituitary Adenomas – What are the Options?

by Dr. Rajiv Magge and  Dr. Rohan Ramakrishna. 10/13/2020


Expect More From Pituitary Surgery: difference-makers for post-operative outcomes

by Dr. Ahmad Sedaghat and Dr. Norbeto Andaluz. 9/23/2020


Indications For Surgery For Prolactinomas

by Dr. Manish Aghi. 7/26/2020


What Every Patient Needs to Know About Recent Advancements in Pituitary Surgery

by Dr. Georgios A. Zenonos.  7/1/2020


Pituitary Surgery During the COVID Pandemic

by Dr. Jamie J. Van Gompel, Dr. Garret W. Choby, and Dr. Tasha L. Welch. 5/11/2020


Implications of the Covid-19 Pandemic on Pituitary Patients

by Dr. Nelson M. Oyesiku.  5/10/2020


Resection of the Medial Wall of the Caverous Sinus: Game-changing Technique for Patients with Acromegaly

by Dr. Juan C. Fernadez-Miranda and Dr. Lawrence Katznelson.  3/6/2020


Perioperative Care for the Pituitary Patient: Optimizing the Surgical Experience

by Dr. Varun Kshettry.  2/18/2020


Management of Agressive Pituitary Tumors

by Dr. Andrew Lin. 9/18/2019


Rathke’s Cleft Cysts: Their Cellular Origins, Symptoms, and Indications For Surgery

by Dr. MAnish Aghi.  6/18/2019


Adrenal Insufficiency and the Art of Steroid Replacement

by Dr. Irina Bancos.  5/28/2019


Multidisciplinary Care in Acromegaly – Individualized Care Improves Patients Outcomes

by Dr. Maria Fleseriu, Dr. Justin Cetas, and Dr. Elena Varlamov.  4/4/2019


Does Extent of Resection Matter in Pituitary Surgery?

by Dr. James J. Van Gompel and Dr. Garret Choby.  3/13/2019


Hypophysitis: Old Story With a New Twist

by Dr. Luma Ghalib.  2/20/2019


Treatment Strategies for Prolactinomas

by Dr. James K. Liu.  2/1/2019


Surgical Strategies in the Treatment of Pituitary Tumors

by Dr. Mario Zuccarello and Dr. Jonathan Forbes.  12/3/2018


The Role of the Pathologist in the Management of the Pituitary Patient

by Dr. Sylvia Asa.  11/14/2018


Pituitary 101

by Dr. Kevin C.J. Yuen.  11/1/2018


Approach to the Patient Undergoing Pituitary Surgery

by Dr. Lawrence Katznelson and Dr. Juan C. Fernandez-Miranda.  9/26/2018


Cushing’s Disease: Recent Advances in Medical Therapy

by Dr. Eliza Geer.   7/18/2018


Pituitary Adenomas: Update of Current Diagnostic and Therapeutic Treatments

Dr. Nathan Zwagerman.  7/25/2018


Oxytocin and Hypopituitarism: A missing forgotten hormone

by Dr. Yuval Eisenberg.  5/31/2018


Preserving Function in Pituitary Surgery

by Dr. Daniel Prevedello.  5/8/2018


Surgical Management of Cushing’s Disease

by Dr. Russell Lonser. 4/10/2017


Pituitary Centers of Excellence

by Dr. Nelson Oyesiku.  1/24/2017


Diabetes Insipidus, Practical Review

by Dr. Luma Ghalib.  9/20/2016


The Genetics of Growth and Growth Disorders: From the Hypothalamus to the Ephysis

by Dr. Mitchell Geffner  8/12/2016


The Essentials: The Diagnosis and Treatment of Hypopituitarism

by Dr. John Carmichael.  6/30/2016


Endoscopic Endonasal Surgery for the Treatment of Cushing’s Disease

by Dr. Mary Koutourousiou.  6/16/2016


Multidisciplinary Management of Acromegaly and Its Deformities

by Dr. Edward Laws, Dr.Hasan Zaidi, and Dr. Edward Caterson.  5/19/2016


Minimally Invasive Endoscopic Surgery for Prolactinomas: When to Operate and What to Expect

by Dr. Juan C. Fernandez-Miranda.  12/19/2014


The Nutrition-Endocrine Connection: Out of Chaos, Into Balance

The connection between neuroendocrine disorders and nutrition is often not considered by other healthcare specialists treating neuroendocrine disorders. Working with a skilled Registered Dietitian Nutritionist (RDN) should be a part of the assessment and treatment...

Pituitary Hormone Replacement in Women

Learning Objectives: Understand the importance of pituitary hormones in women Learn the main causes of hypopituitarism or pituitary hormone deficiencies Learn the signs and symptoms of hypopituitarism in women Understand the basics of hormonal diagnosis and decision...

Endoscopic Pituitary Surgery: Does it Make a Difference

Dr. Theodore H. Schwartz received his undergraduate and medical degrees from Harvard University where he graduated Magna Cum Laude. After completing his residency and chief residency in Neurosurgery at The Neurological Institute of New York at Columbia-Presbyterian...

Endoscopic Endonasal Pituitary Surgery

Dr. Kelly is a board-certified neurosurgeon and Director of the Brain Tumor Center & Pituitary Disorders Program at Saint John's Health Center in Santa Monica, California. He is internationally recognized for his contributions in the field of minimally invasive...

What to expect before, during and after pituitary surgery

Dr. Little will be discussing what patients should expect before, during, and after surgery for pituitary tumors. Transsphenoidal surgery is the most commonly performed operation for pituitary tumors. Patients often have questions about how the procedure will be...

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