Able to walk around, not bed-ridden.


The failure of a woman to menstruate.


A medicine used to reduce pain.


An acute systemic allergic reaction. In severe cases, this can include potentially deadly anaphylactic shock.


Characteristics of a cell that make it identifiable as a cancer cell.  Malignant


A ballooning out of the wall of an artery, which in time can leak blood or rupture, causing massive bleeding.


X-ray imaging of the heart and great vessels made visible by injection of a radio-opaque solution. 


The growth of new blood vessels from surrounding tissue into growing tissue.


A diagnostic procedure done in the x-ray department to visualize blood vessels.


Relating to or utilizing angiography.



Radiography of vessels after the injection of a radiopaque contrast material. 


Reconstitution or reopening of a blood vessel. 


An eating disorder characterized by loss of appetite or total aversion to food.  


Absence of the sense of smell. 


Pertaining to being in front of another structure - toward the front of the body.

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