Triiodothyroninine. The active metabolite of thyroxine.




Total body water.


The main male sex hormone.



Therapeutic Radiology

A medical specialty and the study of radiation treatment of abnormal tissue (nonmalignant or cancerous) through the use of x-rays or radionuclides.


One professionally trained and/or skilled in the practice of a particular type of therapy.

Thyroid Gland

A ductless gland, consisting of irregularly spheroidal follicles, lying in front and to the sides of the upper part of the trachea, and of horseshoe shape, with two lateral lobes connected by a narrow central portion, the isthmus; occasionally an elongated offshoot, the pyramidal lobe, passes upward from the isthmus in front of the trachea. It is supplied by branches from the external carotid and subclavian arteries, and its nerves are derived from the middle cervical and cervicothoracic ganglia of the sympathetic system. It secretes thyroid hormone and calcitonin.


A group of similar cells united to perform a specific function.


Tumor necrosis factor.


Making a radiographic image of a selected plane by means of reciprocal linear or curved motion of the x-ray tube and film cassette; images of all other planes are blurred ("out of focus") by being relatively displaced on the film.


Passing or performed through the skull.


Through the nose.


Passing or performed through a septum.

Transsphenoidal Surgery

A surgical procedure through the sphenoid sinus permitting access to the pituitary gland.

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