Patient Story: Cushing's vs. My Love Life

SamanthaA pituitary patient named Samantha Webster recently published a compelling, frustrating, sometimes funny-yet-sad story about her battle with Cushing's disease on the blog XO Jane. The title is "It Happened to Me: My Tumor is Keeping Me From Finding Love," and she starts it out like this, "It's not even that I hate being fat. I hate that I cannot control it." This is a frustration shared by many pituitary patients worldwide! In her article, she speaks of having seen a Cushing's patient on an episode of the Montel Williams Show and then seeing story about her in a magazine. We now know that the person Samantha saw was PNA Columnist Sharmyn McGraw! From there, Samantha brought up Cushing's with her doctor, who ordered the tests and found the diagnosis. Read the story here.