University of Michigan: Brain Tumor Support Group

A brain tumor can entirely change one's life, not only for the person with the tumor but also for family members and others. Many people finding that talking with others in a similar situation can help with the stress and sometimes provide useful insights. Our Brain Tumor Support Group, which has been meeting for over 15 years, provides a supportive setting for such discussion.

The Brain Tumor Support Group consists of 2 separage meetings held at the same time. One is for patients with brain tumors, and the other is for family members and close friends. Both meetings are supervised by a nurse or social worker experiienced with brain tumors.

The support group is held on the third Tuesday of every month from 7:00 to 8:30 PM. The meeting in December is usually replaced by a Christmas party, while that in June is replaced by a picnic; the entire family including children is welcome to these two events. The support group does not meet in July and August.
If you wish to consider coming or if you have questions, please call our nurses at the Call Center: (734) 647-8906.