April 2020 Highlights Extra Articles


Extra Articles

FDA Approves New Drug for Cushing’s Disease

The FDA has just approved a new drug called Isturisa (osilodrostat) for the treatment of adults with Cushing’s Disease who are not candidates for surgery or who still suffer from the disease after surgery.   Read more here:

Traumatic Brain Injury in Youths Tied to Endocrine Disorders

A study from the journal Frontiers in Neurology looks at the ties between traumatic brain injuries and endocrine disorders in young people. It finds that they are reported almost 3 times as often in females, and posits that this may be due to underreporting of medical issues by males. Read more here:

Acromegalic Retired Basketball Star Stays in the Game

An article in sportscasting.com looks at the career of Gheorghe Muresan, an acromegalic from Romania who made a career in professional basketball and went on to found a basketball training facility.  Read more here: Gheorghe Muresan

Photo credit: Keith Allison/Wikimedia Commons

When Cancer Spreads to the Pituitary

An article in Endocrinology Advisor looks at a study (published in the journal Pituitary) on the cases where cancer metastasizes to the pituitary. The authors note that the metastasis often first presents as a visual disturbance, cranial nerve palsy, or pituitary dysfunction. Read more here:

Patient Perspective: “I’ve had a brain tumor three times.”Catherine Gladwyn 3

An article in Metro.co.uk allows a young mother in the U.K. named Catherine Gladwyn to tell her own pituitary story. She has had surgery three times for a recurrent pituitary tumor and is now on full hormone replacement. Read more here:  Photo credit: Catherine Gladwyn

Teacher Crowdsources Twitter To Find Shoes for Acromegalic Student

An article in aleteia.org tells the story of a 14-year-old acromegalic boy in Argentina, whose family cannot afford his size 15 shoes. His teacher took to twitter to see if someone could help find him some shoes, so he could attend class. Shoe companies and star athletes stepped in to help.  Read more here:
Photo credit: Twitter | @nadiapflores | Fair Useargentine family