December 2020


Surgery on man’s pituitary tumor ends debilitating migraines

After 18 months of excruciating migraines, Birmingham-area businessman Christopher Sheheane felt as though he was at the end of his rope. With the migraines came the inability to think clearly, to lead his company, and to be the father and husband he wanted to be.  Read more>

The Endocrine Society’s AP-SIG Shares Adrenal and Pituitary Knowledge

As Endocrine News reported in the August issue, the Endocrine Society launched a series of Special Interest Groups (SIGs) in 2019 to allow members with similar interests to come together to collaborate both within and outside the SIG.  Read more>

ty cookPituitary Story: Cancer and Pituitary Tumor Before the Age of 14

A 22-year-old man named Ty Cook from Struthers, Ohio tells about his pituitary journey, which includes cancer and a pituitary brain tumor. Read more> 



siobhan mcaleeseMom with Addison’s Disease Pursues Singing Career

An article in tells the story of Siobhan McAleese, an Irish mother of two with Addison’s disease who is rising above her diagnosis to pursue a career as a professional singer. Read more>

Pituitary Story: UK Classical Singer, Reality TV Star Shares His Battle With 2 Tumors

An article in examines the pituitary journey of classical singer Russell Watson, who is also one of the stars of the reality TV show “I’m A Celebrity” in the U.K. The tenor suffered from two pituitary tumors and has battled his way back to health. Read more>

11-year-old Craniopharingioma Patient Raises Money for Charity

An 11-year-old UK boy named Luke Webber, who is battling a craniopharyingioma, is devoting his time to raising money for a children’s brain tumor charity called Anna’s Hope. Luke has already undergone transsphenoidal surgery and will undergo a second surgery this month, followed by proton beam therapy.  Read more>

reinier alvarezA Year At the NIH: Med Student Studies the Pituitary

An article in FIU News features an interview with Reinier Alvarez, a med student and aspiring neurosurgeon who took a year off to study Cushing’s at the National Institutes of Health. Read more>