Ipsen Cares Program Evolves During COVID



The IPSEN Cares program is changing to accommodate the new realities of the COVID-19 pandemic. CARES (which stands for coverage, access, reimbursement and education support) is designed to facilitate access to Ipsen medications, including Somatuline Depot. The company is temporarily making Somatuline Depot available, at no charge, for eligible patients who cannot get their medicine because they are homebound due to the pandemic, and is allowing eligible patients covered by Medicare or Medicaid to participate in Nurse Home Health Administration program (NHHA) services. Normally patients covered by government health care programs are ineligible.

Physicians now have a new shorter form to help them order NHHA for patients who are already a part of the Ipsen Cares program. That nurse can help the patient administer Somatuline Depot. NHHA is available to most people with commercial insurance plans. However the program is not available in Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, and Rhode Island. For more information, visit www.ipsencares.com.