May 2020 Highlights Extra Articles


Space Travel Reshapes the Pituitary

An article in explains that prolonged space travel can actually make the pituitary gland smaller and flatter, and increase white matter

 Bangladeshi Acromegalic Passes Away at 24

Bangladesh’s tallest man dies of brain tumor

An article in tells the story of 24-year-old Jinnat Ali, who passed away on April 28th from complications related to his acromegaly. He stood 8.2 feet tall.  Doctors said they could not perform surgery, as the tumor was too complex. Read more: 

Cushing’s Disease Different In Men vs. Women

An article in Cushing’s Disease News looks at a study in the journal Cancer that found that women are more likely to get Cushing’s. It also found that men who get the disease tend to be younger, experience more severe symptoms and don’t do as well with surgery and medical treatment. Read more:

Covid-19 Patient Dies of Hypopituitarism

An article in discusses the case of a man in West Bengal, India who passed away recently. He had been diagnosed with COVID-19 but had been previously diagnosed with a pituitary tumor. Doctors there say the cause of death was multiple organ failure due to hypopituitarism.  Read more: