October 2020


Muscle Weakness and Cushing's Disease

A new study highlighted on Cushingsdiseasenews.com finds that muscle weakness can persist for years, even after the patient is in remission. Read more here:

Pituitary Story: Primary Adrenal Insufficiency

An article in the New York Times tells the story of a woman who craved salt, felt nauseous all the time, and had darkening skin even though she hadn’t been out in the sun. It turned out to be primary adrenal insufficiency.  Read more here:

Pituitary Tumor Survivor Walks to Raise Funds For Research

caroline watson2The pituitary journey of a 26-year-old patient in the UK is highlighted in an article in miltonkeynes.co.uk. Caroline Watson was first diagnosed at age 13 and has had two surgeries so far. Initially doctors discounted her swollen body and told her to just go on a diet. Now she is helping raise funds for research.  Read more:
Photo credit: Jack Mizen



10-year-old Pituitary Patient Get Star Wars Welcome Home Parade

A ten-year-old boy from Warminster, Pennsylvania recently had surgery to remove a pituitary tumor. It was made more difficult because of COVID. When he returned from the hospital, the neighbors had a Star Wars motorcade to welcome him home. See the video here: