Pituitary Network Association - Canada

Mission of PNA Canada:

Inspired by the education and support from PNA USA to get the right pituitary diagnosis and best treatment, the PNA Canada's mission is to support and help patients to be diagnosed within 6 months of symptoms and receive the right treatment to continue to lead healthy lives.

To support, pursue, encourage, promote and where possible fund research on pituitary disorders in an effort to find a cure for those illnesses. The PNA will disseminate information helpful to the medical community, the public and patients in matters regarding early detection, symptoms, treatments and resources available to patients.

Who We Are:

Pituitary Network Association (PNA) Canada is part of the PNA an international non-profit organization for patients with pituitary tumors and disorders. We support patients, their families, physicians and health care providers who treat them.

PNA Canada is supported by PNA USA, an international network of the world's finest physicians and surgeons. Our goal is to reach every Canadian patient who may be forgotten, abandoned, or worse yet, undiagnosed after many years of needless suffering. We do this in three ways: (1) by providing public awareness programs and educational seminars (2) by assisting the medical community in developing uniform standards for early diagnosis, surgery, radiation, treatment and follow-up, and (3) by having interactive websites and a referral program on the international PNA website.

Shirley ChanyiShirley Chanyi (BIO)
Canadian Representative

"I was so lucky to find the PNA, get diagnosed, and get into the hands of the best pituitary medical treatment in Canada. I have been cured for over 15 years and want to ensure no other Canadian needlessly suffers."

Shirley Chanyi is the Canadian volunteer representative of the Pituitary Network Association in Canada. This non-profit organization was instrumental in helping Ms. Chanyi get diagnosed with a microprolactinoma and directed her to excellent medical treatment in Canada. Volunteering as an advocate on the behalf of pituitary patients, Ms. Chanyi's vision is to have other Canadian pituitary patients be diagnosed and treated quickly to go on to have productive and fruitful lives.

As a strategic thinker with a passion for helping others, Ms. Chanyi received her Bachelor of Commerce from McGill University and brings to the PNA 15 years of brand marketing experience from Unilever and Energizer Canada. Shirley is happily married with two children, lives in Toronto and is a running enthusiast.