Former Highlights Columnist Jim Shelton Loses Battle with Cancer

Jim SheltonWe are very sad to report that Jim Shelton, a pituitary patient who wrote a regular column for Highlights from 2007-2012 passed away recently after a long battle with cancer. Jim’s health first started to decline in 1996, and over the years he was diagnosed with hypothyroidism, severe allergies, asthma and sleep apnea. In 2001 he was diagnosed with pituitary failure. In 2009 he found out he had celiac/gluten-intolerance, and finally, cancer, in the form of stage four melanoma. Through it all he remained remarkably upbeat, documenting his ups and downs on Facebook and in his column for the PNA.

At one point he joined the Body for Life program and lost more than 100 pounds. He even trained hard and completed a 100-mile bike ride. He sang in his church choir and was an award winning photographer, specializing in gorgeous shots of his beloved San Diego. He also had a long career in the computer industry, most recently as a computer systems analyst at Qualcomm. Jim inspired many people to fight back against the odds. He will be truly missed. Here is a link to the final column he wrote for the PNA, five years ago. We’ll also include two of Jim’s most iconic photos, of Sunset Beach and of the downtown San Diego skyline.


Shelton San Diego Skyline

Shelton Sunset Beach



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