IPSEN CARES Website Launch

A new resource is available for those who are prescribed Ipsen products and for their caregivers. The IPSEN CARES™ website is now live at www.ipsencares.com. As many of you may know, IPSEN CARES™ is IPSEN's Coverage, Access, Reimbursement & Education Support program designed to help you gain access to the medications that are important to your care and all related services, easing the burden and stress of finding resources on your own.

The IPSEN CARES™ program is staffed with experts who can assist with a broad range of medical, educational, logistical and coverage information regarding Ipsen medicines, including:

• Benefits Verification (research of patient's medical or pharmacy benefit insurance coverage)
• Prior Authorization Assistance
• Patient Assistance Program (free medications for uninsured patients)
• Co-Pay Assistance Programs
• Billing and Coding Support
• Coordination with Specialty Pharmacies
• Injection Training
• Adherence Calls

The user-friendly website contains relevant materials and resources, along with the contact information for the program and instructions for enrollment. An expanded version of the site is slated to launch in July, and IPSEN has informed us that the new enrollment form for Oncology will be uploaded as soon as it's available.

The IPSEN CARES™ program hours are Monday to Friday from 8 am to 8 pm ET can be accessed by calling (866) 435-5677.


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