News Articles of May 2021

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Prolactin Linked to Breast Cancer

An article in examines two studies that have linked the hormone prolactin to breast cancer. One study looks at whether prolactin receptors convert abnormal breast cells into cancerous cells. The other explores a way to stop breast cancer cells from growing by blocking cell signaling pathways activated by prolactin. Read more:

Pituitary Story: The Man Who Went from 4’9” at 21 to 7’8” at 51

old adam raineryoung adam rainerAn article in looks at the story of Adam Rainer, born in 1899 in Austria-Hungary. By age 18, he was so short at 4’6”, he was diagnosed with dwarfism. Then he developed acromegaly – and a pituitary tumor caused him to shoot up to 7’8” tall. Read more:
Caption: Adam Rainer as a young man and as an adult

Covid-19 and the Adrenal Gland

A blog from Baylor University gives an overview of studies that look at the effect of COVID-19 on the adrenal system is heavily affected and can be helped by administering the steroid dexamethasone. Read more: 

Hypercortisolism Can Make COVID-19 More Severe in Cushing’s Patients

An article in Cushing’s Disease News looks at a study that found that high levels of blood cortisol are a warning sign “that [Cushing’s syndrome] affected by COVID-19 could require emergency care despite a lack of clinical presentations and low inflammation biomarkers.” Read more:  

Hypothyroidism vs. Hyperthyroidism

An article on the Hartford Healthcare site explains the difference between low and high thyroid levels. Read more: