News Articles April 2022

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Endrocrine System Disrupted by COVID-19

An article in Medscape shows that ACE-2 receptors in endocrine glands are a gateway to the cells for COVID-19, particularly affecting patients with diabetes. Read more:

Promising Treatments for Cushing's

Two articles in Cushing’s Disease News look at new treatments for Cushing’s: Tubastatin and Isturisa.

Read article about Tubastatin:

Article about Isturisa:

Pituitary Journey: Bride Undergoes Pituitary Surgery 5 Days After Wedding

An article written for St. Luke’s Hospital in Kansas City, Missouri tells the story of a young bride who had to put off her honeymoon in order to undergo pituitary surgery. Read more:

Cases of Early Puberty Surge During Pandemic

An article from the Washington Post and the Fuller Project looks at multiple studies that found a big increase in cases of early puberty during the pandemic. The causes are unclear but are thought to be related to increased stress, less physical activity and higher consumption of unhealthy foods during the lockdowns. Read more: