News Articles December 2021

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britneyBritish Comedy Series Features a Pituitary Tumor Nicknamed “Britney”

A new BBC comedy tv series called “Britney” tells the story of a young woman’s battle with a prolactinoma. Actress and writer Charly Clive and her co-writer Ellen Robertson play versions of themselves as Charly contends with a pituitary tumor she nicknames “Britney”. The production started as a hit stage show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival and has now been turned into a buddy comedy TV show. Read more:

Caption:Charly Clive as Charly and Ellen Robertson as Ellen Picture: PA Photo/Drama Republic Ltd/Anika Molnar

sue perkins2Pituitary Story: British Bake Off Star Sue Perkins

British TV host Sue Perkins recounts her pituitary battle for an article on the website Brinkwire. Read more:
Caption: TV host Sue Perkins (Ureggoluis/Wikimedia Commons)

russel watsonPituitary story: British Tenor Russell Watson

Celebrity tenor Russell Watson recently recounted his fight against two pituitary tumors, and a near-death experience they caused, on a tv show called, “I’m a Celebrity, Get me Out of Here.” Read more:
Caption: Singer Russell Watson (Pfrenchm/Flying Tigers Studio/Wikimedia Commons)

Hormone-producing Intestinal Tumor Linked to Cushing’s

A research article in the journal Case Reports in Oncology looks at the case of a 50-year-old man who had no pituitary tumor but very high cortisol levels that turned out the coming from a hormone-producing intestinal tumor. Read more: